The bitcoin lightning network gives people a new way to interact and organize.
For the first time, real money and free speech can be sent instantly around the world for near zero cost. This will unlock a better version of things we use today and inspire completely new use cases that we can’t imagine at this point.

Sphinx is a free, open source browser for the lightning network. We’ve built encrypted file storage, group chat, bots, people directories, authentication, and more that all work with the Sphinx browser.

Sphinx anchors our efforts on three basic rights:

  1. Freedom of speech: Encrypted communication that does not rely on a central server and allows sending value and messages over the same network.
  2. Right to assemble: Anyone can create groups where ideas and value are exchanged.
  3. Right to earn: Where you were born should not impact your ability to convert time and skill into value.

Our products align with each right:

  1. Speech: The Sphinx chat app.
  2. Assemble: Tribes at and (coming soon)
  3. Earn: Stakwork and tribes allow individuals to convert time into bitcoin.

Earning is the key that starts the flywheel.
Speech and assembly support decentralized earning.

• Onboard earners first through Stakwork & content creators.
• Content creators are the most viral community of earners.
• Focus on paid interactions between content creators and their fans.

Content roadmap:

Start with async and move to synchronous.

Text/Image Audio Video/Gaming Code
Async Social –Twitter, Reddit
Newsletter -Substack
Multiplayer Zettlekasten
Podcasts – Apple/Spotify
Audiobooks – Audible
Music – Spotify/Soundcloud
Sync Chat – WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage Clubhouse

Feel free to reach out or download the repo’s at and start building.